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Old Updates

Bannesled was attacked and on May 27 1999 we, the citizens of Bannesled, were forced to leave our territory because we did not want to engage in a battle. For weeks we searched for a new home for the Kingdom of Bannesled, and we found one. Bannesled is now has a larger area and has more room for growth. A major reconstruction of the divisions, etc. of Bannesled must be done. The almanac below will be updated soon. Bannesled is looking forward to our new future.

Bannesled seems to be handling itself very well in its first confrontation. So far the nation has dodged all battles, once coming very close, it seems as if the Bannish territory may remain as before.

News Flash!!!
Unfortunately, a chance of war threatens the small nation of Bannesled. The enemy is an unknown, but we are sure that the enemy wants the terrific land of Bannesled. Because Bannesled is yet to have a army, we the head of the nation are preparing to surrender if trouble occurs. We are vowed to continue to run our country, even if it means being non-territorial. If our land is taken away, we most likely will never get it back. We hope however to find new land in the future if our current position is captured or destroyed.

Unfortunately, Bannesled did not do as well as planned in its new location. To try to improve on the nation, we are yet again moving the country. A third location has been discovered, and it is hoped that this will be the best one yet. Please send your wishes so that this may be the final move for a long time. We are very pleased to announce that this change was brought on peacefully and that no war was even hinted at.