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Class System

Bannesled is a monarchy that relies heavily upon its class system. There are four classes for citizens. Upon first gaining citizenship, the subject enters the common class. This class’ function is to aid the higher ranking citizens.

After a minimum of three months, subjects are eligible for title-worthy status. These subjects may choose to be a dependent or an independent title-worthy citizen. If they choose dependant, they become the apprentice of the Title they wish to earn. If they choose to become independent, they will take on the tasks of the position that they would like to be created.

If a person is title-worthy and has been a citizen for a minimum of six months, they are eligible for a title. To earn a title, one must show true a true desire to better oneself in Bannish society, and to become a leader of the nation. Titled citizens are the nobility of Bannesled. They each have their own area of interest, and may have underlings to help them with their tasks.

Within each of these classes, some citizens, due to their desire to dedicate themselves to the Kingdom of Bannesled, are unofficially ranked higher than others and will rise through the Bannish ranks faster.

The last class is royalty. This is the elite class of Bannesled and can only be obtained through birth or marriage.