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Qwemi, Queen Emily I, is the ruler of all that be known in the Kingdom of Bannesled. She must accomplish all duties in the Kingdom. She may bestow titles upon her subjects to share her tasks, however, all final decisions must be verified with the Queen. She aids her subjects with all Bannish matters, and retains all legislative, judicial and executive powers.


Acegi, Jacqui, deals with the language of Bannish. She creates and records new words, is proficient with Bannish, and promotes the use of Bannesledís second official language among the citizens of Bannesled.
Dresher, Mimi, deals with Bannesledís financial matters. She collects taxes, creates budgets, controls spending, as well as mints, distributes and assigns value to the Bannish Dolear.


Naomi aspires to be Manaker. As Manaker, she would update the almanac, produce surveys, as well as design and create Bannish symbols.
Suzanne aspires to be Iztor. As Iztor, she would write Bannish legends, and operate the Bannish Archives.


Raymond one day hopes to become the Mitin. In this position, he would be in charge of Bannish naturalizing, and Bannish Functions.