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Forms of Address

When faced with a class system, it is often very intimidating when you have to address a member of that nation and do not want to offend them with your ignorance of their culture. The following is a list of the proper terms of address for the Bannish hierarchy. The first part is the class, then the full name, followed by the abbreviated written and oral forms of address.

Head of State: Her Royal Magesty, Queen Emily I, Ruler of all that be known in the Kingdom of Bannesled is usually refered to HRM Qwemi in written communication and either as Your Magesty or Qwemi in person.

Members of the Royal Family: Royals who are not the ruling monarch: His/Her Royal Highness, Position goes here (ex. Prince */Princess*). On written communications they are refered to as HRH, position. In person, they are refered to as Your Highness.

Titled Citizens: Her Grace, Acegi and Dresher on paper are refered to as HG Title. In person they are refered to as Your Grace or just by their Title.

Title-Worthy Citizens: Honourable Title Worthy Naomi and Suzie are refered to on paper as HTW Name. In person they are refered to as Your Honour.

Citizens: Mr. Raymond is refered to on paper and in person as Mr. Raymond.