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The Bannish Archives

Declarations of the People of Bannesled
King's Law 1

Declarations of the People of Bannesled

Signed at: The official residence
Dated on: June 24,1998

It has been my wish is to experience the ups and down of the running of a country for some time. However, I'm too young for the voters in the Dominion of Canada to take seriously, therefore I would have to wait many years before getting a slim chance of being elected. I have vowed to myself that I would run a country, even if it meant creating my own.

I have taken it upon myself to do some research and have found out that many people have had the same wish as I have, and that they have successfully created there own nation, a micronation. I researched micronations and was very satisfied with the conclusion that my wish was attainable and totally possible. I started planning a country and now, I hereby proclaim the following:

Ruler of all that be known in the Kingdom of Bannesled,
Queen Emily I

King's Law 1
This is the Naturalization law.

To petition for Bannish citizenship, you must first obtain a citizenship package. This package should include the following,

1:2 To be considered for accptance you must:

1:3 You must then place all materials in to a legal sized envelope(you may use the envelope from the Citizen's Package). You must write the following in black pen on the envelope:
"Petition for Citizenship
place sovereign's title here. Ex. Queen Emily 1
Then you must give the letter to the King and wait his/her response.

1:4 The King has the right to accept or reject all submitted applications.

1:5 If application is incomplete, it shall be void.

1:6 The King has one week to respond to applications