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Land Claims


Bannesled Purchased the original room in 1998 for $3 can on June 12, 1998. The royal family has moved a few times since then and has finally settled in its fourth location. Because the sale and purchase of each sucessive home was done without any reference to the kingdom's territory, the crown retains its claim on the Queen's bedroom. Kasal was the original name for the portion of the original kingdom where the bed stood. Now the name Kasal refers to Bannesled's capital found in the Queen's official room in the Royal Residence.


After a some years in the newest Royal Residence, the Queen began to sleep in other rooms in the house. She has now decided on one room in particular where she spends her nights. It is referred to by the Royal Family as the room Emily sleeps in, showing that it is recognized as property of the Bannish Throne. This land was assimilated through a grandfathering type clause which has become quite a popular method of territory accumulation among the people of Bannesled.


On May 24, 2001, Emily was given seed packets to be planted in a specific plot in the Royal Backyard. These packets were given to her by her parents, the legal owners of the backyard, as a gift. Their eagerness for her utilize this land displays their wish for the Queen to take over ownership of the plot. This is now called Kuntreesid. It is currently being worked by the Queen's father, but is still refered to as Emily's Garden, so therefore it is still under the ownership of the Bannish Throne.

Future territories


The basement will be taken over by August 24, 2002. It has been referred to as the blue room since the royal sister painted it midnight blue when she controlled the region. The colour makes it a perfect addition to Bannesled. It is the site for the future Queen's Court meetings. The plan for the conquering of the room is to drape yellow colors over the room giving it a distinctly Bannish look. This would be comparible to flagging conquerred lands on the battle field or atop a conquerred mountain. The room will undergo further change until it is ready for court, then will be granted the name Kort.


Trevert is a treefort which is scheduled to begin Contstruction in August 2002. It is being built on NCC land by the Honourable Naomi and Michael. It is planned to be completed and operational by the fall. It is the proposed site for either an environmental or military headquarters. The fort was originally promised to the Kingdom, but this point has come into question as more carpenters join the project.