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The Territory of Bannesled

Bannesled is sometimes referred to by Bannish Citizens as a Residential Nation. The people of Bannesled coined this term because the nation was spawned from a residential setting. Originally just once room, it has grown to include other territories, but is still residentially based. The Kingdom classifies any nation with an indoors beginning as a residential nation.

Most of Bannesledís territories are claimed with the assumption that if no one objects, our claims are legitimate and sound. We believe that lands should firstly be claimed quietly and without violence. Therefore, for the most part, the previous claimants of the land are not contacted directly. With the growing importance and recognition of Bannesled and its territories by both its native city of Ottawa and its native country of Canada, it is naturally assumed that governments, companies, and individuals are aware that their land has been claimed by another party through word of mouth, or Bannish publications, such as on its Online Embassy open to the public for anyone to view.

The claims for the land have taken on many forms. Originally, for Bannesled to claim land, they believed that the land must be purchased. Then land was proclaimed to be Bannish if it was granted to the Kingdom. Later, land was acquired through a grandfathering system. Bannesled would inhabit a particular region until all who knew it considered it a territory of the Bannish Crown. New Bannish claims will be done by a new system where major renovations are inflicted on a site. When in a totally new form, Bannesled believes that these areas would be undesirable or useless to their previous owners, and therefore available for Bannesled to claim.