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Denyes Kanasta

Denyes kanasta is a card game played heavily by the Royal Family which has begun to spread through all classes of Bannish Society. It is similar to the game of Rummy.


The game is played with a minimum of three player, however it is usually played with many more. Extra decks of 54 cards are added when the number of players escalates.

The game begins with each player paying a dollar to buy into the game. They all have a score of zero. In Denyes Kanasta, a low score is better than a high score.

The cards are dealt out untill each player has 10 cards.

The next card on the deck is turned over and is the wild card for that hand. Any card with the same value as the wild card can be substituted for any other card for that hand. New wild cards are chosen every hand.

Play continues to the left. A player draws a card. A person must wait for the person to their right to draw a card, but not to discard. You must discard before you draw.

The hand is over when either a person goes out, or the pile of cards runs out.

A person is out when all their cards are used. You use your cards by forming runs of three or more, and multiples of the same value of three or more. Cards of the same value and suit cannot be used in triples/quadruples.

Your score for the hand is the determined by the cards left in your hand which you are unable to use. Face cards are worth 10 point, and the cards from A-10 are worth their face value.

Your scores from each hand are added together.

When a player reaches 101 point, they are over. They are out of the game, but have the oppertunity to buy back in with the highest score under 101 for twice as much as the last payment they made. You pay $1 to buy in, and once you go over, you pay $2, then $4, then $8, etc.

If there is only one person under 101, no one is allowed to buy back in, and the person under 101 wins the game and the pot.