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Foreign Affairs

Despite being an absolute monarchy, Bannesled is a tolerant nation, which believes in equality of all people. It does not show discrimination to any groups of people, except mean groups of people, and even those groups are usually tolerated. It recognizes the sovereignty of all peoples who claim it. Our MicroIndex lists all the micronations that the Kingdom of Bannesled is aware of, and therefore whose sovereignty is recognized. This recognition of sovereignty is seen as a basic right by the Kingdom in accordance with international and intermicronational law.

Recognition beyond basic sovereignty is done selectively. Bannesled is willing to grant full unilateral recognition to any country that meets the following standards:

Qwemi retains the right to change any of these criteria at any time.

If a micronation does not fit the above criteria, official diplomatic relations can still occur. If there is enough evidence that it is a legitimate nation, but does not fit Bannesled's criteria regarding population size, foreign affairs policy, or territory, Bannesled will recognize the people of that nation and their plight, but not their micronationhood.

Bannesled does not need to be reciprically recognized, however, recognition from other nations is always valued and sought after. If mutual recognition is reached, Bannesled will open an Embassy for the other nation on Bannish soil as well as on the internet.

Consideration for official diplomatic relations, unilateral recognition, an embassy, or inclusion on the Bannish MicroIndex will be granted if petitioned directly to HRM Qwemi, or by filling out the Foreign Affairs Form.

If you would like to recognize the Kingdom of Bannesled, please contact HRM Qwemi directly.

All foreign affairs are conducted in English. Conducting in a different language will be permitted in rare instances only. Diplomatic relations can be opened at any time.